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First time home buyer continued

Thoughts from a first time home buyer

Posted by: kelownaism | February 15, 2016

Why to get a house inspection

Barry Newton gives a brief rundown of what he looks for when he does a house inspection. There are SO many reasons why to hire a professional to do a thorough inspection of your new home! This eliminates any unwanted surprises (leaky roof, electrical problems, etc).

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First time home buy tips -Mortgage

The most daunting part about purchasing a home for the first time is the $$$. Below is a short clip from Christine Dawson. She helps simplify the process into a few simple requirements.

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I have to confess I have been a bad blogger.  Ever since Darci, my daughter who left real estate to go traveling, I have not kept up the blog.  I have made a commitment to get back to it this year!  I am planning to do a series on a First Time Home Buyer and all that is involved in a purchase and renovation since Darci is now starting that process.  Stay tuned.

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Featured on

If this blog has taken a back seat, it must mean that real estate in Kelowna has been busy! Not only has a lot happened since the last post, but look who made it into the the news!

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Corine’s thoughts on Real Estate and Kelowna

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Realtor sees Ogopogo

In August of 2012 Joy Zsombor of Royal Lepage Kelowna saw Ogopogo from her window.
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Christine the Mortgage Specialist

Christine Dawson 250-864-8521

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Darci’s Blog

As you may know Darci has started her 1 year trip. I am attaching a link to her blog where you should be able to subscribe. She entered her first blog entry in China. Very interesting.
I miss her in the office but we will survive till she gets back.
Darci’s travel Blog:

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Convention, Bike tour and Darci

I went to the 2012 National Royal Lepage Convention in Vancouver.  Darci and I went on the bike tour.  Darci is on the top left and I am in the orange shirt.  Darci left from here to start her 1 year journey.  Click the link to learn about it.

Darci’s Journey

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